The company was organized in March 1951 with sixty-five members. The meeting were held on the square in Harney at Luther Ridingers. The first projects included purchasing and distributing fire extinguishers in the community and building a reservoir with approximately 350,000 gallons of water. Ground was broken in 1954 for our fire station and the Ladies Auxiliary was formed.

Governor Theodora R. McKeldin was our honored guest on June 11, 1955 to dedicate the completed fire hall. The first fire apparatus was purchased in January 1957. A GMC Chassis equipped with Barton American Fire fighting equipment.

Harney Volunteer Fire Co. soon became famous for their Oyster and Turkey dinners serving many dinners on a Saturday afternoon. Those remember still swear that only the ladies in Harney know how to prepare and serve the best oysters around.

With the dinners and other fundraisers the company was able to expand it's building in 1965  and again in 1979.

New equipment purchased included a utility truck in 1954. A Chevrolet tank truck in 1967 and a four-wheel GMC 3/4 ton Brush truck in 1969 (and still in service). In 1972 we purchased a Mack Pumper and sold our 1957 GMC Truck. In 1979 an Army surplus Jeep was converted into our Utility truck.

Our current fleet of apparatus are Engine 111 Lady & Taylor 1974/2000 Mack CF600, Engine-Tanker 112 Pierce Mfg 2004 Dash, Brush 115 1969 GMC 4x4 pick-up truck & Special Unit 11 KME 1999 550 Ford small rescue unit. 

Harney may be a small fire company but we must still meet all the standards as every other fire company in Carroll County. Our dedicated members in the company, the auxiliary and those in the community who support our fundraisers have helped us meet the challenge to provide professional emergency service to Harney and surrounding communities.