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Since 1973 J.A. Myers Homes has been a tribute to professionalism, integrity and respect for home and family. The company was founded by Joseph A. Myers, a Hanover area native, and a man with a dream, who had the courage and ability to make it come true. His son, Benjamin joined the company, assuring another generation of quality J.A. Myers homes in the future. Well over 5000 Myers homes have been built since 1973. J.A. Myers neighborhoods “dot” the landscape of Franklin, Adams and York counties in Pennsylvania; and J.A. Myers homes can be found on private lots in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. J.A. Myers Homes offers more than 50 model homes that can be altered to the owner’s needs and wishes. A “Myers home” is quality built, structurally sound and beautifully designed with many standard features that are often considered “upgrades” by other builders.