Marsh Creek exists to bring God glory through accomplishing His will on earth. We believe He has birthed the Church, His active agent of change in this world, to reach those who need Him most, see their lives increasingly accept His reign, and partner with them in His mission. We are committed to being a community that is Authentic -- when you meet us you know we are real people with real issues in need of a real God, so it’s ok to come as you are, no social masks needed. We are a people in process changed by the power of God’s spirit in our lives. And ultimately we want to find others who need the same thing we once lacked, the presence of Jesus in our life. We commit to remain attentive to Jesus’ leading, sensitive to the way our world listens, always in process toward our destination, committed to the truth of God’s word, generous with all our resources, lead by God’s grace which we seek to exhibit in our lives and community.